About Us

Our aim to operate an ethically and environmentally sound business offering products and services in a friendly environment, that provide value for money and value for the community.

We will do this by using, where ever possible locally sourced products, that are organic, free range, Fair Trade and environmentally friendly.

We have a further aim to promote our business and the Countryside Centre as being a leader in good ethical and eco-friendly practices and providing products of the highest possible quality.

We will do this by continually working to find new products and ways to minimize our footprint on the environment. Our team is very passionate about this and believe that is why we are successful.

Jobs at the cAFE

As our business is growing we are always looking for passionate hard working people to join our team. 
We offer competitive rates of pay and try and pay people what they are worth not what we get away with. 

If you think you have something to offer Nett would love to hear from you. Maybe you can come in for a chat and a coffee. 

Send your CV and/or cover letter to nett@theorchardcafe.co.uk